FTX was launched in 2019 and developed by Alameda Research. It has made its place in the trading platform by offering industry-first derivatives and exclusive volatility products. In December 2019, FTX also managed to secure funding from Binance and manage its influence in the cryptocurrency trading scene. The user interface is designed by traders themselves, FTX Exchánge strives to become a platform that is intuitive enough for beginners and powerful enough for seasoned traders.



Is the Exchange Suitable for Beginners?

If you’re a beginner please make no mistake about it, tradable derivatives are complex financial instruments. With leverage and automation, trading cryptocurrency derivatives can be a complicated process for new traders. Also, trading with leverage comes with high risk and is better suited for experienced traders. Looking at the wide range of features offered by FTX, it was not designed for beginners. After all, FTX provides trading volatility products, including options, futures, and leveraged tokens that require a deep understanding of the underlying asset and the market itself. And, FTX still features plenty of spot markets that are not available in other crypto exchanges. If you are a novice trader interested in low-cap digital assets, then you can also try your luck in FTX.

FTX New Volatility Products

FTX is constantly innovating both its platform and supported trading assets. However it is basically a cryptocurrency derivative platform, recently, it has expanded its boundaries to accommodate spot markets, oil futures, and more. FTX Exchánge is also working on ‘ABNB’ derivatives that represent the market if it continues with this innovative momentum, we are likely to see many new products available for trading on this exchange.

Products Available

FTX is basically a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, you cannot trade any real assets. Instead, you can trade a derivative product that reflects the value of the underlying asset. This can be in contracts or tokens that represent the price of the asset. FTX features an exclusive array of tradable instruments, some of which are entirely unique to the exchange.

Leveraged Tokens

Leveraged tokens are financial instruments that are uniquely designed to FTX. They are ERC-20 tokens that reflect the real-world price. For example, BULLUSD is a 3x long BTC token – means, for every 1% BTC goes up in a day, the asset increases in value by 3%. 

FTX has four types of leveraged tokens:

  • BULL is +3x

  • BEAR is -3x

  • HEGDE is -1x, and

  • HALF is +0.50x.

The BULL, BEAR, and HEDGE tokens automatically rebalance themselves throughout the process to maintain the target leverage. 


In the above read we have discussed FTX Exchange and is it good for beginners. So yes, it is totally compatible with beginners. However, if you are entering into crypto world then learn all the things about cryptocurrency and exchanges after that you can start to trade and invest. Also if you have any query or issue with FTX Exchánge then surely contact to customer support team or visit the FTX official website.